ICC Ada95 Pretty Printer (ICCFMT)

What's Ada? What's a Compiler?

The ICC Ada95 Pretty Printer (ICCFMT) reads an Ada source file and writes out a formatted version.

Here's an example:

with text_io;use text_io;
procedure simple is
package int_io is new integer_io(integer);
use int_io;
int_io.default_width := 0;
for i in 1..10 loop
put(' ');
end loop;new_line;
With Text_Io;
Use Text_Io;

Procedure Simple is
Package Int_Io is new Integer_Io(Integer);
Use Int_Io;
Int_Io.default_Width := 0;

For I In 1 .. 10 Loop
Put(' ');
End loop;

End Simple;

Want to try it yourself? There are two ways:

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Want your own copy? We've made ICCFMT available for free. Download your own copy now!

Host OS Executable Size
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HP 9000/700 HP-UX 11 iccfmt_hp.gz 454,713
Intel PC Linux ELF iccfmt_linux.gz 306,357
Sun SPARC Solaris iccfmt_solaris.gz 357,943

Here is the documentation:

HTML Size PostScript Size
Unix/Windows-NT Unix/Windows-NT Doc 13,298 iccfmt.ps 94,173

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