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What's Ada? What's a Compiler?

Irvine Compiler Corporation provides quality Ada development environments, hosted on various Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems. Traditionally, customers of ICC demand high performance on a wide range of hardware for embedded, real-time, and native applications. ICC Ada flies on several military and commercial aircraft. Incorporated in 1981, Irvine Compiler Corporation is a pioneer in Ada technology.

ICC Ada 2005 is in limited beta testing.

Paraffin 2.0 tested with ICC Ada 2005.

Texas Instruments selects ICC Ada 95 for the C62xx/C64xx/C67xx platform of DSPs! View TI announcement.

See our Product Listing for information on compilers and tools ICC sells.

Free! Try out your Ada source on ICC's Ada Pretty Printer (ICCFMT). Then download your free copy.

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